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WonderForce Co. Kickstarter campaign for The Hitoren – Custom Sabers

WonderForce Co. launches Kickstarter campaign for “The Hitoren” custom sabers
Custom sabers which are the cheapest in the industry, multiple customization options, vibrant RGB colors, and rich sound effects

Hong Kong: Today, WonderForce Co, is proud to announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for “The Hitoren” custom sabers. These duel worthy sabers are the most value packed for their price. Multiple customization options, vibrant RGB colors and rich sound effects all at an incredible price. The revolutionary product features a RGB LED with 16 colors that change on the fly, Flash on clash, lock up effects and 3 sound fonts. Also inclusive in the Saber Master Package, is the legendary saber sheath, a saber bag, 3 sound fonts, 4 emitters and 2 pommels. Become a backer by visiting the Kickstarter campaign at

“This is by far the most affordable LED custom sabers in the market due to its customization features. The Hitoren is the absolute game changer, giving you all the most wanted features in a saber previously available only in High end sabers. Now at an affordable price to the masses. It is a revolutionary product for collectors from a collector “said Aaron Lin, Co-founder.

Other value for money features include the popular in-hilt USB charging, which can be charged on the go with a power bank. Basic options like The Hitoren Saber Apprentice also comes with a single color Stringblade that allows scrolling power up from hilt to tip. All sabers are fully aluminum machined hilt. It also comes with three different specs including the Apprentice Stringblade hilt, the Apprentice Inhilt LED hilt, and the Master Hilts.
Backers can support the project by pledging their choice ranging from Basic apprentice sabers, the Legendary Saber Sheath or The Saber Master Pack.

About WonderForce Co
WonderForce Co is a Hong Kong based company committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing quality LED sabers. Their intention is to create sabers with the most advanced technology and design, and yet affordable to the masses. For more information, please contact, or visit

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