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Quick Tip: Which mouse is best for CS: GO?

Most important part for you should be how your mouse feels in your hand and is it big or small enough for you. Rest of it is really irrelevant and not worth extra attention. Of course, there are companies which are highly known from top quality parts and best designs. There is few of them to put you on a right track: Logitech, SteelSeries, Zowie, Razer and Corsair.

Which is the best Mousepad type?
Right away I can state that there is no the best mousepad or the worst mousepad types. Mainly we got two types of mouse pads and which is better is again more a personal preference over the theoretical aspect.

The first type is called “control” or “soft” because is made of more matt like and an adhesive surface. That greatly enhances the precision and tactile response of mice. It is mostly recommended for players with higher sensitivity in-game to be able to stay in control of small hand movements.
The second type is called “speed” or “hard” which is mostly made of really slick and smooth surface. Thanks to that our movement speed enhances and acceleration. It is mostly recommended for players with lower sensitivity in-game to help them throw that huge hand moves with easy and great speed.

Many CS: GO Pro players use a hard pad on top of the soft pad to make it a bit more consistent. Definitely, something worth trying but it’s not must have or must do sort of thing. Only if you are planning to play on tournaments or other type of LANs really often it might become handy. Simply because this big soft pad will work as well as part of your desk, your hand will feel like it is on same surface no matter are you home or on LAN. Thanks to that you wonโ€™t have to get used to new place/desk and skip that whole adaptation to surroundings sort of thing.

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