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What’s Happening in Path of Exile 2.6.0 Patch –

Nice to see you enjoy Path of Exile. Some suggestions for your Righteous Fire Build. Always use conc effect on bosses. If they hit hard like this double boss in the strand map use a decoy totem. You can link it with minion and totem ele res for more survivability. To procc elemental overload you can also use poe orb of storms linked with increased crit strikes.

You get also Elemental Equilibrium cause its lightning damage.


CGCG think: Grab Hinekora and Arohongui with Merc/Uber lab respectively.


Hinekora’s 10% fire penetration applies to your righteous fire so that’s a considerable damage boost, as does Arohongui’s ‘enemies near your totems take 16% increased (works as more % modifier) fire damage’. Even if you don’t regularly use totems, grab a decoy totem gem from Nessa in act 1 and use it against bosses. It’ll grant you a damage boost, weaken them (other effect of Arohongui node) AND distract the boss. Decoy totem is bae.


For your fire guy: Use curse on hit blade vortex and Cast when Damage Taken set up for flamability. Also get +Cold damage +light damage to trigger elemental equilibrium with the vortex. You can also use cyclone, but that keeps using other skills, but I think that vortex and your own stomps with the shield charge are enough for Elemental Equilibrium. Vortex or Cyclone also helps with Elemental Overload.

If you have 800+ Strength get a Doon Cuebiyari with a Molten Shield + life leech + cast when damage taken… it does an insane amount of damage and will heal you back.


Darth Genocide say: Seeing that you have Atziri open, she can dropp a Sceptre with up to 100% elemental damage(Doryani’s Catalyst). It looks like you are not using a curse, something easy like Blasphemy+Temp Chains would mean that everyone burning in your aoe is also extremly slow. Alternativly start using Cyclone+Curse on Hit. You should really buy some increased life / area damage jewels, the combi is extrem for Righteous Fire.


Righteous Fire isn’t unique in terms of not hitting the enemy. Every degeneration doesn’t hit. Meaning Scorching Ray doesn’t hit either. And faster casting doesn’t effect Scorching ray besides increasing the “rotation” speed.


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