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Rank up fast in Battlefield 4

Rise through the ranks in Battlefield 4 during Double XP Weekends


On double XP weekends you use the XP boosts you receive in Battlepacks

This is my favorite, I open my Battlepacks and kick butt all weekend.

25% boost = 125 + 2x xp = 250 xp per kill
50% boost = 150 + 2x xp = 300 xp per kill
100% boost = 200 + 2x xp = 400 xp per kill
200% boost = 300 + 2x xp = 600 xp per kill



Play as a Squad and Get XP Bonuses


Squad-based experience point bonuses are given when you assist a squadmate with killing an enemy.

Party up with your Friends earn double the amount of XP earned in an average match.

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I always make sure to use my headset and help my entire team out. When possible try to get the commander position of the squad.



Each class has a specific job to do, and if you do the job right, you’ll gain XP fast.

I’m normally choose Assault and Recon, I revive my fallen teammates and spot enemies in the distance.

Assault should keep an eye out for anyone who is down and revive and drop health packs. Engineers repair vehicles, Support should drop ammo, and Recon drop radio beacons and motion detectors.

You will get special bonuses if your kits are used by squadmates. For example, For Assault, when you drop health packs and a teammate uses it you earn 10 points, but 20 points when picked up by a squadmate. So make sure to party up as often as possible.


Suppress the enemy and earn XP



I think this gameplay mechanic in Battlefield 4 is amazing. You have the ability to suppress enemies with the screen-blurring effect. Suppress an enemy that’s killed by your squadmate and you’ll be awarded more experience points than you would receive for a standard assist.



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I know we all love to get our own kills but Spot to earn more XP

Battlefield has a Point and Spot mechanic which allows you to share the location of the enemy with your teammates. Target the enemy, tap the Spot button and an orange triangle will appear over the enemy’s head and his location will also appear on your team’s map for a few seconds. If an enemy you’ve spotted is killed by a teammate, you’ll gain XP.



Last, work to earn Medals by getting the required number of ribbons and Battlepacks from ranking and leveling up your weapons.

What tips and tricks do you have for ranking up quickly? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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