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NerveGear Like VR MMORPGs Coming Soon?

My friend and I have been playing video games together for 13 years, on pc and a number of game consoles. We’ve lived in the same city/state for that long and soon one of us will be moving to go to a different state. He brought up an anime we saw a while back called Sword Art Online. It’s a series about two people who live in the near future, Kirito and Asuna and it focuses on their lives and various adventures in virtual reality mmorpg worlds. The VR is way more advance than what we have today such as the Oculus Rift and VR Googles. In Sword Art Online, you get an avatar and are transferred into the game. You could be laying down or sitting anywhere while you’re In the world. Here a video would be best to give an example:

If VR mmorpgs become this advance, it wouldn’t completely help with loss or long distance relationships but maybe make it easier, depending on the situation. I certainly hope this becomes a reality. And yes every system has it’s bugs, hackers and weird stories of misuse but there are also stories that bring a smile to my face and tears to see human connections and to be proud of how far we’ve come.

If you want a VR experience view a selection of VR tech below. It may not be like Sword Art Online but it’s getting there.

And here’s a video I saw that makes me excited about the technology IBM is developing, it still shows that we require to move around instead a full mind experience but still pretty awesome!


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