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My Thoughts on H1Z1 Survival MMO – 2016

I was never a fan of zombies but my best friend Enderj is and here I am today writing about how awesome H1Z1 Survival has been. We tried different survival games enticed by the idea of living out an adventure that included building our online house, socializing with our neighbors and most of all crafting. There is of course the dark side of the game of not knowing who to trust but overall it’s a fun social experience.

After googling and testing a few sandbox survival mmos I found my favorite games to be Wurm Online, 7 days to die and the one I’m focused on, H1Z1.

H1Z1 Survival Gameplay

We first made sure to avoid pvp and played pve instead to learn the ropes. The first thing that happened was we spawned into the world in separate locations, Enderj at C6 and me at I7 (map locations). Before we could meet up we had to survive. Food and water was low, wolves and bears and zombies were a major concern. Worse were the wolves because they would just come at you and an attack from them is just vicious. Zombies are slow and zombie runners can be avoided with sprinting. Bears….just don’t get near them.

I went to loot inside different homes avoiding zombies and bears but barely surviving the wolves. I found can food and had berries. Crafting bandages from scrap cloth was my main priority so I collected and dismantled shirts, hats and pants. Then was water, I collected empty bottles and found wells and lakes. Only thing left was to make a campfire and light it with a bowdrill so I used a hatchet I found on a table and got to chopping some trees down for logs. Enderj was going through the same process but also discovered how to make a makeshift compass using purified water and metal shards (found in vehicles).

With our compass completed and bandages and weapons found we went in search for each other. By the way, machetes are great against wolves and wolf meat gives you great comfort when cooked!

To be continued and screenshots coming soon…

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