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Is Garry’s mod still as fun as I remember it?

Fast answer is YES! The game is still extremely fun and very popular.
A few days ago I saw a friend playing Garry’s mod (gmod) for the first time. He is a Minecraft player for many years and he told me that Garry’s mod is by far the most fun game he ever played. The game was released back in 2004 and still receives monthly updates.

Game object

Are you ready for this? The game has NO OBJECT. Is a creative type of game where you create your own maps, buildings, NPCs and scenarios. You start in a blank terrain with a Portal? like gun that is used as your main building tool. Your right mouse button will bring up the mod menu that contains all the features that make gmod so unique.

Multiplayer on Public servers

Of course, a game like Garry’s mod would never have be as fun as it is if there was no online and multiplayer support. Actually here is the part that the game becomes AMAZING. You can always host a gmod server and invite your friends in order to help you build your new map/mod and then go online (public) to let others join your server. You can create arcade type games like car racing, or shooters and compete with others. There is no limit on what you can do with gmod.

Pre-made mods

There are sites that have pre-made mods that you can just download and upload them to your server and jump right in to the action.
Most popular and Must Own mods right now are:

  • Admin ball: Gives you 100000 Health
  • Air Vehicles: A variety of helicopters and planes.
  • Animated Prop Tool: Full animation for characters.
  • CSO/CF Weapons Pack: All weapons used in Counter Strike.

Believe me, gmod is a game worth owning and you’ll never regret. Is very cheap, right now you can buy gmod from steam for $10 and have 10.000 hours of fun!

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