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Improve Chess Gameplay with John Bartholomew –

I started playing Chess with my dad in my teen years, and as I grew older, I started enjoying Chess as a game rather than a pass time or something I needed to be good at. I grew older met some friends that were into chess and had a great time playing with them until I realized how bad I was at it. In most cases, I’d go for my friends King or try to take his Queen out early in the game which would end up quickly in my defeat. It reached a point where I was clearly just trying to get a win over my friends or at least not losing without even 10 minutes passing that playing chess became entirely devoid of the fun game it used to be for me.

Now I had the choice to either stop playing Chess because I kept losing no matter who I was up against or try to get better at it. I decided to go with the later and improve my chess skills. After a lot of practicing and reading about strategy, I still kept losing, but I did manage to put up a better fight than before. I knew just trying different methods of playing Chess wasn’t going to be enough and If I wanted to get better, I’d need to learn how strategy works in Chess. I needed an Extreme Rankup!

Just going through random forums wasn’t working, I needed something more solid and practical, something that would help me improve my game and hopefully have a good time doing it. After many searching and many failed attempts, I finally came across John Bartholomew’s repertoire through In my efforts to improve in chess I came across many repertoires, and John Bartholomew’s repertoire by far exceeded my expectations and raised a whole new standard for me. From carefully planned out variations to strategically anticipating the opponents move to countering play styles John Bartholomew’s repertoire delivered an experience that not only helped me get better at chess but also was fun to learn from.

By learning and gaining a deeper understanding of Chess from John Bartholomew’s repertoire as well as managing to increase my chess skills considerably while having a great time learning different variations, moves and plays. Naturally, I wasn’t able to beat any of the people I used to lose to immediately, but I could tell and so could they that I was getting better and it was only a matter of time before surpassed them. A week ago after months of learning from John Bartholomew’s repertoire, that day finally came when I finally won one over from my friend who had beaten me in chess more times than I can count.

I highly recommend using John Bartholomew to learn and improve your chess skills, but most of all have a fun time doing it.

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