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How to Rank Up Fast in Titanfall the Easiest Ways

Titanfall Challenges gives you bonus experience points for completing personal goals. It’s an easy way to earn experiences. Completing challenges with a certain weapon will allow you to rankup faster.

Each weapon has several challenges such as usage time, pilot kills and total enemy kills. Stick to one weapon at a time to get the Tier 5 which will earn you a large amount of points


Take Out Grunts and Spectres

Grunts and Spectres aren’t as aggressive as player-controlled Pilots. They are just computer-controlled. They’re easy to kill but you should take them out with style. Each attack method has Challenges. You can get bonus points for easily killing Grunts and Spectres with grenades, melee kicks and headshots.

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Play The Territory Control Mode, Hardpoint…

Capturing and maintaining a Hardpoint gives points to your team. You won’t have to kill anyone to get the points. And here’s the best part: You can still earn experience if another team captured the Hardpoint. Just pick a Hardpoing and defending it, you’ll earn even more points for taking out approaching enemies.

You can earn 2,000 and 3,000 points in Hardpoint plus any extra points you get from killing enemies.

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