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Gfile announces the launch of its free, fast and unique file transfer system

Dublin IT startup, Gfile, launches, the easiest and fastest file transfer system to work on all mobile devices, allowing files to be transferred without an email address or link
Gfile recently announced the launch of its unique file transfer system that allows users to send and receive files in a matter of seconds without the need to send links or even using email addresses. The unique platform is available for free to users, allowing for the transfer of a file of as large as 5GB.

The platform requires the file and a password to complete the process, with GCN 10,000 free for file download. The GCN is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that users get if they so want when they download their file.

The platform is compatible with any device from laptops to computers to Android phones and Apple products. Gfile’s uniqueness and benefits go beyond allowing for the smooth and effective transfer of small, medium and extremely large files. It also ensures the security of the files due to the password created by the sender, which is only available to the sender, who creates the password and the receiver of the file, whom the sender shares the password with.

There are some additional services available on that attract charges, and one of such services is storing a file for more than a week, as the files are only available on the platform for a limited amount of time.

Sending files through is a simple plug and play approach, as the sender simply needs to upload the file while a password is created, and send the password to the receiver to get access to the file.

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