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Which generation of assassins the most powerful?

Planning on rocking an Assassin’s Creed costume this year? Wondering which costume is going to be awesome to wear? Read on! We are going to, hopefully, talk to you about what is considered the most powerful generation of assassins in the Assassin’s Creed universe.
One person that we can almost certainly eliminate from this list is Desmond. We don’t think anybody really sees him as one of the more powerful assassins around. He is more there to relive the memories of his ancestors. When he was ‘recruited’ he was still very much in his training stages too. This means that he may have had the potential to be powerful, but he never really managed to get there before his death. That being said, his Assassin’s Creed costume is probably going to be easy to wear. He wears ‘normal’ clothes for most of the story.

Somewhere at the top of this list, we are going to need to put Ezio. This is probably because he was one of only a couple of assassins in the game series that was never really trained to be an assassin. If you look at the story, you will note that for Ezio, it is about picking up the skills that he needed ‘on the fly’. He only appears for three games, but during those games he makes a lot of progress. Honestly, if you had to say somebody was powerful based on raw skill alone, then it would probably be Ezio. The best part is that his assassins creed costume is going to look pretty good too!

People may think that Connor Kenway (you may remember him as Haytham Kenway) is one of the more powerful assassins. We must admit, these people may be right. He probably is not the most exciting character in the world, but he did do things a little bit differently to the other assassins in the game. He was a pirate, for starters. In fact, anybody in the Kenway generation of assassins probably has a claim to being one of the most powerful assassins.

The last one is probably Altair Ibn-La’Ahab. Awesome costume for him, by the way. One of the reasons why we are assuming that he is one of the most powerful assassins is the fact that he was training most of them. He trained the Levantine Brotherhood. He also helped Assassins spread throughout the world. It takes a lot of power to do that. Obviously, a lot of the story of the game is based around him. It probably really does help that Altair was raised from a young age to be an assassin, which helps with power.

Remember; if you are going to be purchasing an assassins creed costume, then pick it up from a reputable retailer. You may only be wearing it a couple of times, but it is nice to know that it is something which is not just going to randomly break on you despite what you throw at it.

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