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Conan Exiles Early Access Coming September 2016

Alright, make sure you have an active Steam account ready because Conan Exiles is launching later this year. Funcom have announced that their new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) will use Valve’s popular distribution service. Conan Exiles ( not your normal MMORPG though as Funcom will be making it available in eight languages.

By launching as an “early access title” Funcom can get live response from players on certain parts of the game. This will also allow them to verify the scalability of their servers for the potential load players may create. According to Olivia Morin of, early access also allows fans to try the game out and get a feel for it, comment on various parts for fixing or general praise. A lot of games today enter early access for various reasons so it is not uncommon.


Okay, enough about the way they plan on releasing Conan Exiles. How about the game? I mean, you are reading this because you are interested in that rather than distribution models.

As with most MMORPGs, Conan Exiles is on track to be an open world survival game. What is interesting with this one is that there will be both public and private servers available. The combat is promising to be bloody and visceral in your face action based. You won’t be selecting “attack” then an enemy and waiting for the game to decide the damage done here. No, if you want to take out that Orc over there that has been eyeing your camping supplies then go over there and knock his block off with your weapon. Hope you ate a hearty breakfast and trained well because it is not going to be a cakewalk.

Your weapons are greatly dependent on you. Sure, there will be stores to purchase them. You will probably be crafting your own out in the wild based on bone and ore you collect. Your weapons are not the only thing that is dependent on your combat skills. The whole world is based on the actions of other players, yourself included. Settlements will pop up based on the hard work of players coming together. The quality of life in those settlements will also be based on working together.

Funcom are working very closely with NVIDIA to ensure that Conan Exiles will run beautifully on their video cards. NVIDIA will be using the game in their advertising campaign, “The Way It’s Meant to Be Played.”

Conan Exiles is scheduled to hit early access via Steam on September 13th 2016. Launch on PC and consoles will occur shortly thereafter.

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