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Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands

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Lately, I’ve been interested in the survival genre, online and offline. I’ve been watching the survival series Naked and Afraid and I’ve been playing games like Tomb Raider. I just got introduced to a survival fps game, Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands …. coincidence…I think not! This is the universe’s way of bringing an awesome game to me and now to you 😀 Yay!

I visited the steam Greenlight page — First thing that caught my eyes was the gameplay video – EPIC! It starts with the story then goes into action…shooting at what looked like crazy island people and rock monsters…you can craft your weapons…. and gunsablazin!

The game has a blocky art style with a mysterious story. It’s fun to explore and discover the secrets of the Lost Islands…just need to look out for predators.

If you ask me what I most anticipate for this game, I would say it’s the cooperative gameplay. Playing this game with four other players makes things way more fun….no longer alone on an island…kick butt with your crew.

Want to check out the game! You can find the Greenlight page HERE:


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