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Best Quality Minecraft Servers

Minecraft server hosting is a must for those players that want a little more control over the vast worlds contained within Minecraft. The best way to do this is hosting a private server for your friends or for a larger group of people. There are usually two ways of starting a Minecraft server: through the use of personal home equipment capable of handling multiple users or by renting an off-site server that can be fine-tuned to the uses you require. There are benefits to both, but only renting server space guarantees an extra level of assistance in times of need, top-of-the-line hardware, and guaranteed performance. Cosmic Game Servers is one of these providers that is highly regarded.

Top of the line hardware
Cosmic Game Servers understands the amount of stress that can be placed on a machine running a large Minecraft server. They are the one of the few websites offering unlimited CPU resources no matter the subscription level. Each server is ran on Intel Xeon processors, 1Gbps uplink, and SSD’s to ensure a higher response rate for write and ping times. Lagging, unreliable frame rates, and crashing are no longer going to be a worry, these servers can handle it all when it comes to mods and plugins.

Technical support
A high consideration for those thinking of running a personal machine server is the risk of an outside attack. DDOS and other network attacks are a potential worry and can require regular oversight. For a single person, it could mean a lot of sleepless nights caring over your server. With Cosmic Game Servers, it will not have to be a worry. They provide 24/7 dedicated support to overview any potential attacks and to answer any questions you may have about your server. You can be sure that they got you covered when it comes to any technical issues.

Instant Setup
With an easy to use interface, the automated system creates the servers and sends an email with all the information needed to start managing your server once payment has cleared. This intuitive system is designed for a quick set up, allowing you to get playing, sooner.

Control Panel
The guys over at CGS know that you want to have control over your Minecraft server. Having root access is just the start, so they use a customized version of Multicraft. Usability was definitely a priority in this setup, providing many awesome features to use with ease. This is simply a pleasure to use and very easy to apply any mods or plugins.

8 Different Package Options
When it comes to options, there aren’t many others that offer 8 different tiers of subscription. Each one adjust to just what you need. These prices are hard to pass up, each level is described to know exactly which is right for the server you’re looking for. There are a few features that are provided no matter which package you choose. These include: unlimited disk space, the control panel mentioned above, and 24/7 protection and support. With the most basic package costing less than a small coffee per month, it’s hard to argue the value. The highest package boasts specs of 6GB RAM, supporting up to 72 other players. It could be the perfect option for your kids looking for their own world for their friends, or a huge collection of people for a community. No matter your needs, be sure to check out Cosmic Game Servers for the best Minecraft servers available.

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