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Ark Survival Evolved is coming to Mobile!

Did you all hear the good news? Ark Survival Evolved is coming to mobile! Way awesome! I haven’t been on Ark for a while now. Had to take a break after the last server war. Oh do I have stories for you lol. My bestbro and I joined a tribe. We became Alphas of the entire server with the tribe called New World Order. We were kings! Then a tribe leader name Amber came in and threatened our server and said she’ll bring two alphas from different servers along with her tribe to trample us because one of our guys accidentally attacked her during a war. So we were like Bring it…thinking she was bluffing…next thing you know 12 dragons, 4 golems..and a whole lot of other stuff happened…would give u nightmares…😱😭😂 

So I took a break from Ark world. But with this mobile version coming, I’ll be back with all the battle tactics and such. Now is a good time to start looking into a good tablet or phone. I considered going to craigslist but might shop on a website like Ebay. An option for folks in UK or anywhere in the world really is Tech.Trade. They have refurbished Apple tablets and phones and a whole lot of other great selections. The other great thing about is that they are a specialist discount technology supplier that is focused on customer satisfaction and great prices. You can’t go wrong with shopping there.


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