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3D Printed Personalized Collectibles with U-DimensionsšŸ‘¾

I’m bringing in some cool news my fellowĀ Gamers! Pay attentionĀ šŸ˜‰

So there’s a new company, U-Dimensions that will soon allow anyone; fans and indie developers to design and printĀ 3D personalized collectibles of any of theirĀ favorite game characters. You can build your personal collection of figurines!Ā āœŠĀ If you’re like me and support a lot of indie game creators then this will be your chance to support them by purchasing their game character collectibles and other cool items.

There will be many product options for you to get 3D printed…

“It can be for everyday merchandise such as cups, phone case, Ā lampshade, USB. Pretty much anything under the size of 10 inches that made by mold originally. Our design team will start working on the models in January, so a list of products will be coming soon.” Christina Guo –Ā Source

Check out these cool pics of what’s possible with U-Dimensions

This is how we begin.

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Indie Developers, U-Dimensions will help you make extra cash….you’ll have something awesome to sell to fans!

“….we especially focus on indie game developers and studios. We want to help small and unpopular games to make some extra cash while they develop the game.”Ā Christina Guo –Ā Source

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